Airbrush Tanning: How To Get Ready For Your Summer Glow

Posted on: 24 June 2019


Did you know you don't have to go under the UV rays of a tanning booth or head out into the bright summer sun to get a lovely tan? You can get an airbrush or spray tan, which gives you ample color instantly without making you exposed to the sun's rays. You can get a perfect, even tan without even hitting a tanning bed so you can look great for summer; speak to your tanning salon specialist about airbrush or spray tanning to learn more. Here are ways you can get ready for your summer tan with a spray tan that will keep you glowing lusciously all summer long.

Get your skin exfoliated and moisturized

Skin that is well-moisturized and exfoliated will take to an airbrush tan the best by giving you the smoothest, most even results. If you want your tan to be beautiful, make sure to shave, exfoliate, and use a special moisturizer as recommended by your tanning specialist before hitting the tanning bed. Your tanning specialist will help you select a vitamin-enriched oil or lotion to make your skin vibrant and beautiful.

Get the right color tan

When it comes to a spray tan, the right color matters. If you choose a hue that is too dark, you'll come across as unnatural and too tanned all at once. It's best to ease into the final color you want to have for your tan by letting your tanning specialist choose your color for you and letting you gradually increase the pigmentation with each tanning session. The right color tan will not only look beautiful and give you a golden glow, but it will also allow you to increase your tan as summer goes on for an even more stunning appeal.

Get a tan as recommended, not less or more often

The best way to make an airbrush tan work for you is to get your tan done as recommended. If you tan too frequently, your tan will come up blotchy and too dark, or it may cause you to lose the original appeal of your airbrush tanning experience while costing you money. Don't tan often enough and your tan will fade and cause you to start the process all over again. When your first tan is scheduled, talk to your airbrush tanning expert about how often you should come in. This way, you'll get the beautiful tan you desire while still remaining true to your natural skin tone.