How Do You Teach Beauty?

Posted on: 18 November 2017


You know that cosmetologists go to school to learn the various arts of making people beautiful. You know there are beauty schools too. Yet, you probably never thought about the fact that your cosmetologist had to learn from a teacher. How do you teach beauty in a objective manner? That puzzler is solved below.

Be a Cosmetologist First

Before you can teach beauty, you have to learn the trade yourself. That makes sense, right? Every teacher in a beauty college has to be a licensed cosmetologist first. Additionally, you cannot go from graduating beauty school to being a teacher. You need several years experience and teacher training for cosmetology.

Go Through Teacher Training for Cosmetology

A cosmetologist who wants to teach aspiring cosmetologists has to go through a one- to two-year training program like at Cannella School of Hair Design . This program teaches them how to teach others. Patience is also required, as these cosmetologists may know a lot about the profession, but they have to accept that their students do not and the students need time to learn the material and skills.

You cannot simply tell a student "Do a blunt cut on that head!" and expect the student to know what that means. Every skill is a demonstration, and every student has to take notes and copy the skill. That is what these experienced and licensed cosmetologists learn how to do in the teaching course.

Pass the Course with High Marks

No beauty college is going to want to hire someone who barely passed the teacher training course. They only want the very best; those who definitely can teach. The cosmetologists that pass with high marks are guaranteed immediate employment after they pass.

Show an Understanding of Beauty in Each Client

Not everyone can be model-beautiful. Cosmetology teachers have to instill this idea in their students from the start. The point is that the client gets the services they want, and he/she walks out the door feeling beautiful or handsome. Beauty is a subjective thing, not an objective thing, and that is a big idea for aspiring cosmetologists to learn.

Finally, Teach Marketing Skills

Cosmetology also means that every hairdresser, waxer, aesthetician, manicurist, etc., knows marketing. Sell to the client, and sell whatever will make the client feel good and look good. That includes products, new trends, and extra services. A big portion of teaching cosmetology is teaching skills, but another big portion is teaching marketing skills.